Bringing patient-specific tumor targeted immunotherapies to
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at a time.

Our Passion

At Geneos, our passion is to develop Exquisitely Personalized Immunotherapies to unleash the most powerful force against Cancer: your body’s own immune system.

We have established our GT-EPIC™ Platform to drive development of individualized treatments.

Our Approach

Our approach is to target unique neoantigens (abnormal mutations and genomic variations produced by cancer cells) from individual patient tumors to develop novel treatments for cancer. Our technology is designed to identify relevant neoantigen targets and then design, manufacture, and deliver tumor- specific neoantigen-targeted personalized immunotherapies.



Geneos addresses the heterogeneous nature of cancer by leveraging its powerful, proprietary, immunotherapy platform, GT-EPIC™, to develop tumor-specific neoantigen targeted personalized immunotherapies


Based on the powerful concept of nucleic acid vaccines, the GT-EPIC™ platform utilizes highly optimized DNA plasmids encoding each patient’s tumor neoantigens and the immune potentiator cytokine IL-12


The GT-EPIC™ platform drives T cells, and in particular, antigen specific CD8+ T cells with a killing function. Tumor targeted T cells are the key effectors of tumor cell death


The GT-EPIC™ platform is differentiated from other approaches for neoantigen targeting by its capacity to target large number of antigens simultaneously, and rapid speed of product manufacturing – both attributes crucial for success of personalized therapies

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