About Us

Geneos is focused on the development of Exquisitely Personalized Immunotherapies for Cancer based on our proprietary GT-EPIC™ platform.

Geneos is developing personalized immunotherapies against tumor-specific neoantigens which arise from gene mutations in cancerous cells. These mutations form during the development and progression of cancer and are different for each patient. Research has shown that the immune system can recognize these mutated proteins as being foreign, different from normal proteins and produce a neoantigen-targeted immune response.

Furthermore, clinical studies with immune checkpoint inhibitors such as anti-PD1/PDL1 molecules (Keytruda®, Opdivo®, Tecentriq®, Imfinzi™, Bavencio® and others) have shown that these treatments appear to work better in tumors that have a high mutational burden suggesting that neoantigen directed immune responses are important for their anti-tumor activity. Thus, the accumulating clinical evidence strongly points to the idea that developing tumor specific neoantigen-targeted immunotherapies is an attractive approach for treating cancer.

Geneos’ personalized immunotherapies use the patient’s own immune system to induce CD4 and CD8 T cells against the tumor. CD8 T cells are the killing machines of the immune system seeking and destroying the cancer cells. Furthermore, GT-EPIC™ treatments are designed to target tumors with both high and low mutational burden. Thus, if successful, GT-EPIC™ therapies could be potentially used to treat all tumor types.